All My Great Excuses

My homework held a party
It fought a gingerbread man
It was assassinated
It got fried in the pan

It was left in the rain
It drove a hyper car
It got driven over by a train
It got hit by a shooting star

It got frozen in the snow
Aliens abducted me
It hijacked an army helicopter
A robber threw it in the sea

It fizzled in acid
Someone blew up my house
It was taken by a yeti
It got nibbled by a mouse

It was hiding with my toys
The wind blew it away
It went to a rock concert
It didn’t want to go to school today

By Peter


Unicorns are the best,
Now let’s go play with them,
I love unicorns so much.
Colourful unicorns are pretty,
Off we go to find some,
Ready to go to ride a unicorn
Nothing is better than them!

By: Emma

Just Believe

I love roses
I love cars
I love poses
I love Mars

I love everyone
I love family
I love coco
Even in the summer

I can’t tell you
How much I care
About dogs and cats
And everywhere

Anything is possible
Just give it a try
Everyone can do anything
Don’t leave it lie
Just believe.

By Caoimhe

Space Skype

On Tuesday the 9th October, we all went into Ms. Beechinor’s room to Skype Cian O’Regan. The internet wasn’t great on Tuesday, so it was hard for us to hear him and him to hear us. Cian is an astronomer. Miss Courtney told us we were going to talk to an astronaut so most of the questions we had prepared were for that (What was Ms. Courtney thinking?! hehehe).

While we were listening to him we thought of new questions to ask. We were able to ask him some questions about space, such as, what is his favourite planet and is there life on Mars? He also said that some scientists say that there is life on Mars, but if there is you will need a microscope to see it. He said he would really love to be an astronaut and see all of the planets.

We learnt a lot of interesting facts. We were amazed by what he told us.

Bye for now,
The Senior Room

(By Alex, Oran, Pete and Rory)

Assembly- The Big Carrot

Last Friday we presented a play called The Big Carrot. There was a man called Tom and when he woke up one day there was a big carrot in his garden so he began to pull it but he couldn’t  get it out. Then his friends helped him. Have a look at the videos to see the whole story told by us.

We also did a song called Galway girl. You can see that video on our Facebook page. We had lots of fun.

We also did the Kindness Award. Next time it’s Ms. Beechinor’s class.

Bye for now,

The Senior Room

(by Emma, Micheál and Cathal)

The Big Carrot Part 1

The Big Carrot Part 2

‘As I Am’ Exhibition in Clonakilty

As I Am

         Welcome from the Senior Room in Darrara N.S. On Thursday 27th of September 4th, 5th and 6th class went to the visit the AsIAm autism exhibition in the Clonakilty Parish Hall. We were kindly greeted by a lady and her dog. She gave us MP3 players to listen to a man talking about autism. There were big posters in the hall about what it is like to have autism. There were tests that made you understand the challenges that people with autism experience.
There was a stall for smelling different things. You had to put on headphones and a blindfold and smell different food, one was garlic and one was fish food. The garlic smelled stronger with the blindfold and headphones on, this was unexpected.
There was another stall where you had to try and open a sweet with gloves on but the hard part was that your fingers didn’t go to the top of the gloves. At least, when you opened the sweet you got to eat it. We all liked it because you got a sweet.
There was also a table full of toys that can help to calm and relax. We really liked this stall. In the hall there was a table with two boxes there with holes to put your hands through. There was slime and toy cars in one and in the other there was kinetic sand. You had to put your hands in and guess what was in there. Some people preferred the kinetic sand to the slime.
There was a quiet room that was very relaxing. There was a lot of relaxing things to touch, beanbags to sit on and even a tent with pink lights and calm music. We all enjoyed the exhibition and can’t wait to go to another one.

Bye for now,
The Senior Room
(Niamh and Oran)

Child Safeguarding Statement

On March 13th the BOM adopted the Child Safeguarding Statement as required by the Children First Act 2017. Please take the time to read it. If you have any suggestions please email the school using the ‘contact us’ form.