Tόraíocht Taisce Cásca

Bhí tόraíocht taisce Cásca againn. Tá uibheacha Cásca do gach fhoireann áit éigin timpeall an scoil. Tá na páistí ag rith sa ghairdín agus sa chlόs ag lorg an ubh όrga. Bhí spraoi agus spόrt acu.

Engineering Week

During engineering week we made structures using spaghetti and marshmallows. We had to make 2d shapes like squares or triangles first. Then we had to try and make 3d shapes. The spaghetti kept breaking at the beginning but after a bit it got a little easier. We made cubes and cuboids. Some groups made pyramids and prisms. Then we tried to make big towers. We also learned about all the different types of engineers there is and the work they do.

Engineer Kieran Coffey Visits Our School

Kieran Coffey visited our school.  Kieran was on TV a few weeks ago. He was on the TV programme Eco Eye talking about his food waste anaerobic digester. Kieran invented it himself. He also made an app to go with it. Kieran explained climate change to us all. He told us all about how his invention is going to help the environment. Kieran also showed us pictures of how he made his egg shaped anaerobic digester.

Football Training with Eamonn

We have football training with Ben and Ellie’s dad once a week. It is lots of fun. When he was younger he played football with Clonakilty like lots of us do now. He played in goal. Now he trains football. First we always have to warm up so we do some running which makes us fit as well. He is teaching us to hand pass, kick pass, catch the ball in the air and to solo. We also play games like Dead Zone at the end of training too. We all love when Eamonn comes for football training.                                                                                      

The Best Banana Bread

In our ‘My Read at Home’ book there was a banana bread recipe. It looked nice but Dylan told us his mom bakes better banana bread and her recipe is the ‘best in the world’. To prove this Dylan asked his mom to make banana bread for everyone to try. His mom baked banana bread for us all to enjoy. Even the teachers tried some and said that Dylan was right that his moms banana bread is ‘YUMMY’. Thanks to Dylan’s mom from everyone in his room.

Literacy Lift Off

We have Literacy Lift Off every day at 10 o’ clock. Ms. Roycroft and Ms. Walsh or Ms. Fitzgearld all come into our room and we go into our groups. There are four groups. Then teacher picks someone who is doing good work to be in charge of the timer on the whiteboard. That is the best job!  Then Ms. Roycroft reads the new book with each group, Ms. Walsh or Ms. Fitzgearld reads the old book and Ms. Beechinor does word work with us. Literacy Lift Off is good because the books are interesting and we get new ones every day or every second day. We also have a writing station where we write about something different every day. It can be hard to think about something to write sometimes. I am writing this for our school blog  at that station now! We don’t get to eat our lunches until we come back in from the yard and we are always starving. That’s the only bad thing about Literacy Lift Off.

Our Bird Feeder

We got a bird feeder in our school. It is new this year and it is really good because the birds are eating all the food and are not going hungry. We also like it because we get to see lots and lots of different birds right outside our classroom every day. We have posters up on the wall with the picture and names of the birds. This helps us know which bird is eating from the feeder. We also get to refill the feeders when they are empty. They always finish the big round balls first so we think those are their favourite. We think that is because there is suet which is fat in the big balls and the birds are a little like us as we also prefer butter on our toast instead of dry toast.

All My Great Excuses

My homework held a party
It fought a gingerbread man
It was assassinated
It got fried in the pan

It was left in the rain
It drove a hyper car
It got driven over by a train
It got hit by a shooting star

It got frozen in the snow
Aliens abducted me
It hijacked an army helicopter
A robber threw it in the sea

It fizzled in acid
Someone blew up my house
It was taken by a yeti
It got nibbled by a mouse

It was hiding with my toys
The wind blew it away
It went to a rock concert
It didn’t want to go to school today

By Peter


Unicorns are the best,
Now let’s go play with them,
I love unicorns so much.
Colourful unicorns are pretty,
Off we go to find some,
Ready to go to ride a unicorn
Nothing is better than them!

By: Emma