Engineering Week

During engineering week we made structures using spaghetti and marshmallows. We had to make 2d shapes like squares or triangles first. Then we had to try and make 3d shapes. The spaghetti kept breaking at the beginning but after a bit it got a little easier. We made cubes and cuboids. Some groups made pyramids and prisms. Then we tried to make big towers. We also learned about all the different types of engineers there is and the work they do.

Engineer Kieran Coffey Visits Our School

Kieran Coffey visited our school.  Kieran was on TV a few weeks ago. He was on the TV programme Eco Eye talking about his food waste anaerobic digester. Kieran invented it himself. He also made an app to go with it. Kieran explained climate change to us all. He told us all about how his invention is going to help the environment. Kieran also showed us pictures of how he made his egg shaped anaerobic digester.