Amber Flag

We are a busy little group, responsible for all the wonderful wellbeing activities that are happening in school this year. All these activities will hopefully bring us closer to earning our first ever Amber Flag.

The Amber Flag committee comprises of Joa, Olesya, Ellie-May, Sean, Isabella, Ena and Billy.

In the first term, our Anti-Bullying Day served to advance our understanding of friendship. We discussed our experiences with friends, explored how best to deal with different personalities and how to protect the wellbeing of ourselves and others. We examined different scenarios and designed posters to encourage the anti-bullying ethos in our school.

On another route to wellbeing, we engaged in Yoga classes with Lisa for six weeks. We learned how to slow our minds and bodies down, to listen and feel relaxed and strong at the same time. Stretching helped our bodies express all the different movements we can make. Our bodies are amazing and we felt great after the sessions!

Wellbeing Wednesday took place on the 1st of February. The pupils wore their own clothes to make it an extra special school day and everyone felt very comfortable. Various activities took place throughout the day to promote wellbeing such as Dance in the hall, buddy reading between the Junior and Senior room, collaborative PE lessons where we practised our fundamental movement skills and played games together, we promoted healthy bodies by tasting some fruit and discussing healthy eating habits, and mindfulness colouring and art. What a super day!

For the month of February, we completed our ‘Gratitude Jar’ where we wrote down one thing we are grateful for every day.

On Safer Internet Day, we made posters with reminders on how to stay safe online.

Wellness Week will take place from the 20th-24th March. There is lots of organising going on at the moment to make it the best week!