Major Emergencies and Critical Incidents


Any decision to close Darrara NS in the event of a weather alert or some other emergency, such as a major failure of an essential utility, has serious implications. The decision to close the school for these reasons is likely to be a rare occurrence. Any decision to close the school will normally be taken by the principal in consultation with the chairperson of the BoM, or in the absence of the chairperson, with senior members of the teaching staff. The decision will normally be taken before 14.00 on the day preceding the school closure if at all possible; the children will be told; a note will be sent home with each family informing parents of the closure decision and, if possible its duration. A mobile text will also be sent to all mobile numbers given on application forms. A sign stating that the school is closed will be placed on all main entrance doors.
 In periods of harsh winter weather parents should be alert for these communications. It is most likely that on these occasions the decision will be made on the morning in question. Obviously no children should attend school for the duration of the closure.  Information on the reopening of the school will be sent by text message to all mobile numbers given on application forms. Information will also be available from the parish secretary. The local radio stations will also be informed.
When a critical incident or emergency situation occurs Darrara NS will follow DES guidelines as sent to the school in 2008.