Darrara Agricultural College Visit

Last Wednesday, everyone in our school went to Darrara Agricultural College. Some of our parents picked us up at school at 10 o’ clock and dropped us up to Darrara College. It’s really close to our school. Darrara hill was closed so we had to go a different way, but it still took only a few minutes to get there. We put on our wellies, coats and hats before we left school. Then when we got there we meet Karen and Ciara who put us into groups. Some of us went with Mrs. Walsh and the third class boys went with Ms. Beechinor. The other classes went with Ms. Roycroft and Ms. Courtney. Then Ciara showed us around all the farm. We went into the milking parlour and down into the pit of the parlour. We saw all the tractors, gaters and lots of other machinery. We saw the sheep and baby lambs. We got to rub and hold the lambs. We saw loads of calves too. They had a feeder that made a milk shake mix for them.  We also got to see the beef cattle and bulls. We had to dip our wellies into disinfectant every time we went in and out of a shed. After seeing the farm we went into one of the building where the canteen is and washed our hands. Then we got delicious buns and milk. Yummy! We had to answer some questions about what we learned. It was really good fun because most of us had never been there before.